20 August 2014

an amazing encounter

Today I found a beautiful red starfish...
I observed it for a long time...the beautiful colours...the slow movements...

Cap d'Antibes, France, 2013

...and finally, of course, I gave it back its FREEDOM!

bye bye starfish...escape from the tourists!

3 March 2014

Bike travel 2013 - Velodyssey

 Toulouse, France
quai de la Garonne
Bordeaux, France

place de la Bourse
Bordeaux, France
in the vapor fountain
Bordeaux, France

on the sand Dune of Pilat, 110 m, the tallest in Europe
bassin d'Arcachon, France
in the pine forest
Landes region, France

Landes, France 
Bayonne, France 
Bayonne, France
arrival in the Basque Coast
Euskadi, Spain